About SchoolCEO

SchoolCEO is a resource for school superintendents and other administrators who are ready to take control of how their community thinks and feels about their schools.

Why are we making a magazine and website on school marketing? The United States is currently at the receiving end of twenty-five years of school choice policies. Charter schools, cyber schools, voucher programs, and a whole host of school choice programs are pulling students from their zoned districts. When a traditional district loses students to these programs, their funding goes with them, straining traditional public schools’ budgets and personnel.

In competing with these programs, school leaders often find themselves out-gunned in terms of marketing experience. Many private schools or education management organizations have entire marketing teams with years of experience building brands in the private sector. We hope SchoolCEO can be a resource that levels the playing field for public schools by educating school leaders on simple marketing tactics they can implement today.

There is something we want to address right off the bat. We do not come with the perspective of seasoned school administrators. Being a school leader is one of the hardest jobs in the world, and we hope that our advice never comes across as knowing more about how you should run your schools. Most of our team comes from sales and marketing. We believe this outside perspective combined with original research will provide actionable information that can drive real results in your schools.

Think of us as your personal research team. Our goal is to bring you the very best marketing ideas and groundbreaking research so that public schools can thrive in a world of school choice.

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