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SchoolCEO Report: Teacher Recruitment

In the largest study of its kind, we asked over 1,000 educators what they look for in a job. Here's what it means for school leaders looking to improve their teacher recruitment.

SchoolCEO Report: Social Media

You've probably read your fair share of social media tips—so we've decided to dive deeper. We'll show you how to harness the power of social media like the private sector does.

Discussion Guide: What do Millennial Teachers Want?

We surveyed over 1,000 millennial teachers on what they look for in a job. Here's what we found.

Discussion Guide: Changing of the Guard

When a school district gets a new superintendent, there are both challenges and opportunities. We'll explore both.

Discussion Guide: Who Speaks for Your Brand?

Your teachers want to act as brand ambassadors for your district, but do they have the tools to do so?

Discussion Guide: Making a Magical Experience

In order to truly stand out, you have to move beyond customer service—and embrace hospitality.

Discussion Guide: Advocacy Marketing 101

How do you systematically develop brand advocates who can market your schools for you?

Discussion Guide: Building a Strong Employer Brand

Are you shaping the story your employees tell about working for your district, or are you leaving it up to chance?

Discussion Guide: Building Hype

Your facilities are funded by taxpayer dollars—here’s how to show your community where their money’s going.

Discussion Guide: Capturing the Moment

With a little bit of know-how, anyone can go from a photography novice to a competent photojournalist for their district.

Discussion Guide: Communicating in a Crisis

When your community needs you most, keeping stakeholders informed is paramount.

Discussion Guide: Keeping in Touch

To be a thriving school system, you need a strategy for developing strong, passionate advocates.

Discussion Guide: Marketing Matters

If you want your community to rally around the great work your schools are doing, you must consistently and creatively tell them exactly who you are.

Discussion Guide: Student Voice in School Marketing

Your students can be natural marketers for your schools.

Discussion Guide: The What and Why of School Websites

As public favor of social media waxes and wanes, your district’s website is becoming increasingly important.

Discussion Guide: Tie it All Together

Unifying your brand feels a bit like sitting down to a 1,000 piece puzzle—how do you make a complete and unified image?

Discussion Guide: What is Marketing, Anyway?

Here's what district leaders need to know about marketing their schools.

Discussion Guide: What Teachers Want

We want to know what teachers of all ages look for in a job and what you can do to attract—and retain—the best educators.

Discussion Guide: Boosting Your School Marketing with Storytelling

Building a strong narrative that can sustain and support your district over the long term requires a careful, thoughtful strategy.

Discussion Guide: Internal Communications Matters for Your Strategic Plan

How strong internal communications can help your strategic plan receive districtwide buy-in.

Discussion Guide: Layers of Leadership

We conducted a research study to find out how principals and superintendents think about school communication and marketing.

Discussion Guide: Onboarding Can Be a Powerful Teacher Retention Strategy

With so many teachers quitting in their first five years your district’s teacher retention strategy needs to begin on Day One—with onboarding.

Discussion Guide: Rebranding Your School? Here's How to Get Your Staff On Board

Rebranding means taking control of your district’s ever-evolving identity. It’s important to think carefully about how to bring your staff on board.