Speaking Opportunities

Our team is available for limited speaking engagements. We typically reserve these opportunities for state associations (Superintendent, Board, etc.) and ESA-type cooperatives (e.g. BOCES, CESA, ESAs, IUs, RESAs, RICs, Special Education Units). Occasionally, we can present to executive teams at a single district.

Reach out to Speakers@schoolceo.com and let us know what you have in mind and how we may be able to help.

Our presentations primarily focus on marketing & branding, teacher recruitment, customer service, and school culture. In our presentations, we use original research from SchoolCEO Magazine and other resources including interviews with superintendents and relevant examples from both K-12 and private sector organizations.

Our aim is to give you the ideas, tools, and concepts you need to successfully build a stronger brand within your district and to help you understand core marketing concepts that help you influence how your community thinks and feels about your schools.

Topics include:

  • Stealing Marketing Ideas from Private Sector
  • What Districts Miss in Recruiting Talent
  • Who Speaks for Your Brand?
  • Hospitality Through Moments

Speaking Format Options Include:

  • Zoom presentations and/or workshops
  • Keynotes
  • Conference appearances
  • Podcast interviews
  • On-campus or Offsite workshops

Please contact Speakers@schoolceo.com for more information.