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SchoolCEO’s new research reveals how teachers select jobs and what they need from school leaders to be happy and stay in the classroom

[Little Rock, AR, February 1, 2023]

SchoolCEO, the only magazine focused on marketing in K-12 public education, released a new teacher recruitment study that seeks to understand what elements of a work environment teachers prioritize most, how they learn about open positions, and what schools can do to attract—and retain—the best educators in the field.

The nationally representative study, which is the largest of its kind, collected responses from more than 1,000 current public school educators who ranked which factors are most important to them in a workplace. While there have been many attempts to solve the challenges of teacher recruitment and retention, this study goes directly to the source by asking teachers how they found their job, what they want from leaders, and what they need to be happy in their position.

Aside from salary and benefits, teachers most highly value a school’s location, leadership, and school culture. Surprisingly, only 39 percent of educators responded that their selection of a position was driven primarily by salary and benefits.

“The current teacher shortage means that school districts must be strategic about how they recruit and retain educators,” said SchoolCEO editor Melissa Hite. “While districts cannot control their location, they can certainly control their leadership and school culture. This new research helps school leaders better understand what teachers want and know what to focus on as they build recruitment material for the next school year.”

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