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Scott M. Curran: Impact Storytelling

In this episode of SchoolCEO Conversations, we speak with Scott M. Curran, an expert consultant focused on impact storytelling, social impact, and philanthropy. He shares what impact storytelling is and how it can engage and inspire staff.

Tom Burton: How Superintendents Can Think Differently

Former superintendent Tom Burton shares how leaders can challenge assumptions and think differently to drive change. He discusses the importance of data, dissent, transparency, and authentic relationships in shaping culture.

Neal Foard: Storytelling From The Heart

In this episode, you’ll learn how to tell a story by example and learn what not to do to make your stories more effective. Join this conversation with one of the best storytelling coaches.

Dr. Melissa Thompson: How to Onboard Board Members

In an era of contentious board meetings and board elections, Dr. Melissa Thompson, former superintendent of Swallow School District, shows a smart, common-sense approach to helping school boards succeed with onboarding.

Dale Scott: An Insider’s Guide to School Bonds

The importance of strategizing, preparing and campaigning for a bond easily can fall to the wayside. Dale Scott has provided municipal advisory and election consulting services for California schools and community colleges for over 35 years.

Dr. Donald Killingbeck: Building Your Brand with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an underutilized platform for many school districts. Dr. Donald Killingbeck has used it to advance Hemlock Public School District’s brand and his own. The result? A stronger digital presence that tells the district story and attracts teachers and garners community support.

Jennifer Hines: Making the Media Work for Your Schools

Jennifer Hines spent 20 years in the media business before leading communications at Tyler ISD in Texas. Her media expertise and relationship building offers an important lesson for superintendents and communications leaders alike.

William D. Parker of Principal Matters: What Matters Most

William D. Parker, the host of Principal Matters, a popular podcast and blog for principals and other school leaders. Join a conversation about how superintendents and principals can build trust and work together to the benefit of the school community.

Championing Communications

SchoolCEO speaks with those in communications roles in four districts across the country. They explore what others might misunderstand about communication roles.

Dr. Jeff Horton: Courageous Conversations

Dr. Jeff Horton, Superintendent of GFW School District in Minnesota, discusses how he and his community moved from worry to hope through courageous conversations and active listening.

Dr. Robert Hunt: Crisis, Growth & Leadership

Dr. Robert Hunt, Superintendent of Barrington 220 SD in Illinois, talks with us about managing crises, both at a professional and personal level, how to best communicate during difficult times, and how to grow and recover after.

Neel Doshi: Culture & Motivation in Education

Researcher Neel Doshi discusses the importance of culture in motivating people and organizations to reach their potential and explores the concept “Why you work determines how well you work.”

Adam Tyner: How to Sell SEL

Adam Tyner shares insights from the recent Thomas B Fordham Institute report "How to Sell SEL: Parents and the Politics of Social-Emotional Learning.

Liz Kirby: Superintendent as Chief Politician

Liz Kirby shares her story of coming back home to Cleveland to lead and advocate for students in Cleveland Heights-University Heights as they face mounting pressure from school choice legislation in Ohio.

Dr. Jill Siler: Thrive Through the Five

Dr. Jill Siler, author of Thrive Through the Five, shares about her recent transition away from the superintendency to her new role with the Texas Association of School Administrators.

Dr. Glenn Robbins: Technology By Design

Superintendent Glenn Robbins discusses how his school has centered learning on design thinking to build a community where empathy and inclusion go hand-in-hand with sustainable technology.

Mike Nelson: 31 Days of Hope

Mike Nelson of the Washington Association of School Administrators shares how he and other educators are sharing 31 Days of Hope with each other.

Dr. Michael Hinojosa: Legacy Work

Dr. Michael Hinojosa shares how Dallas ISD is reshaping its role in the community to support families years before their students ever reach the classroom.

Hollis Milton: The Speed of Trust

Superintendent Hollis Milton shares how he's wrestled with his decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic—even while battling the virus from a hospital bed in March.