Dr. Chris Meyrick: Building a Culture of SEL

Dr. Chris Meyrick shares how he is building a culture of social-emotional learning in a small New Jersey district.

By SchoolCEO Last Updated: March 23, 2021


Dr. Chris Meyrick of Beach Haven Borough School District shares how he's building a culture of social-emotional learning in the small New Jersey district.


Dr. Chris Meyrick knows how important social-emotional learning is. Before developing his own SEL program or writing his dissertation on how to implement SEL, Meyrick learned how to regulate his emotions through his interactions with his teachers and principals growing up.

Meyrick, now the superintendent and principal of New Jersey’s Beach Haven Borough School District, has devoted his career in education to promoting SEL wherever he goes. However, his own everyday experiences growing up showed him that SEL is done best when it’s part of the culture of a district and not an extracurricular.

In this episode, Meyrick shares how he’s built a culture of SEL wherever he’s led and how your students can build social-emotional skills without an expensive program.

Dr. Chris Meyrick (@CSMeyrick)

Beach Haven Borough School District

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