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Dr. Donald Killingbeck: Building Your Brand with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an underutilized platform for many school districts. Dr. Donald Killingbeck has used it to advance Hemlock Public School District’s brand and his own. The result? A stronger digital presence that tells the district story and attracts teachers and garners community support.

Jennifer Hines: Making the Media Work for Your Schools

Jennifer Hines spent 20 years in the media business before leading communications at Tyler ISD in Texas. Her media expertise and relationship building offers an important lesson for superintendents and communications leaders alike.

William Parker of Principal Matters: What Matters Most

William D. Parker, the host of Principal Matters, a popular podcast and blog for principals and other school leaders. Join a conversation about how superintendents and principals can build trust and work together to the benefit of the school community.

Championing Communications

SchoolCEO speaks with those in communications roles in four districts across the country. They explore what others might misunderstand about communication roles.