Appendix of AI Tools

Rebecca Bultsma, APR, breaks down a few different large language models.

By SchoolCEO Last Updated: April 12, 2024

Keep in mind that these tools, despite their advancements, are not without their quirks. All LLMs are still inconsistent and hallucinate false information unexpectedly, even when accurate information is available. It's an issue we just can't solve yet. You'll also find each of these models has its own "personality," strengths, and weaknesses, so have some fun trying them out and experimenting with them in different ways. The bottom line is that these models are continuing to evolve and improve, and today, you're using the worst GenAI you will ever use. 

ChatGPT 3.5: A free version of OpenAI's large language model (LLM) that generates human-like text responses based on prompts and is trained on vast amounts of internet data. A word of caution: it may produce inaccurate or untruthful information, especially for events after 2021. If you download the mobile version of ChatGPT from the app store, make sure to get the OpenAI version - there are a lot of scams and copycat apps out there.

GPT-4: The most advanced version of OpenAI's LLM that accepts text and image inputs and can produce text and image outputs. It currently outperforms GPT-3.5 and every other large language model on the market. It offers voice conversations and data analysis and can browse the internet for information, but it also may produce inaccurate or untruthful information. GPT-4 requires a paid subscription of $20/month. 

Claude: An LLM developed by Anthropic that offers personalized responses and excels in analyzing and summarizing large amounts of written content. It is available as a free version and a paid version ($20/month).

Pi: The "friendly" and free AI LLM/chatbot created by Inflection AI specializes in providing personalized, engaging, and fun conversations. It is empathetic, conversational, ultra-ethical and fun to engage with. The app also offers free voice conversations!

Perplexity: An LLM/AI research platform that partners with Microsoft's Co-Pilot to provide a search engine-like experience that asks follow-up questions and helps you explore and understand complex topics. You can even limit searches strictly to academic papers! It generates coherent and contextually relevant responses with references that are easy to cross-reference without clicking through endless blue links and Google ads. Available as a free and paid version.

Gemini: Google's newly-released LLM touted as the first 'real' competitor to GPT-4. Hallucinations, or "made-up" information, are still a problem, but it's an excellent well-trained model with huge potential.

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