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Perspective Guidelines

Word Length: 1500-2500 words

We regularly publish perspectives from school leaders across the country that posit unique solutions to challenges faced by superintendents everywhere. This could be a unique idea, a new program, or simply something that has worked for your district or that you feel does not get enough attention.

SchoolCEO is not an academic journal, but rather a resource for school leaders intended to explore marketing, communications, and school culture. Think of your perspective as more of an ‘op-ed’ than a research submission. Because this piece is your “perspective,” it should be drawn from personal experience and written in your unique voice.


  • This is an original work that has not been published elsewhere
  • It does not advertise for a private company or product
  • Your piece should include clear, actionable takeaways that can be applied to any superintendent’s work

All perspectives chosen for publication will be edited for content and clarity. The author will, however, have a chance to review the final product. We publish on a quarterly basis and choose perspectives based on the emerging themes of our next issue.

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