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SchoolCEO is a research and perspectives magazine for school superintendents and other K-12 leaders. Published quarterly in print and online, SchoolCEO is the only magazine focused on marketing in K-12 public education. This publication equips its community of innovative educators with the unique and actionable ideas they need to brand and market their schools in a highly competitive environment. With more than 20,000 readers, SchoolCEO is leading the conversation on communications, recruitment, and branding in public education.

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Being a school leader is one of the hardest jobs in the world, and in the last 25 years, it’s only gotten harder. Charter schools, cyber schools, voucher programs, and a whole host of school choice programs are pulling students from their zoned districts—and taking their funding with them. In competing with these programs, superintendents now face the challenge of not just running their districts, but also marketing them.

As a team of marketers, researchers, and former educators, we know leading a school district is very different from leading a private sector company. That’s why it’s our hope not only to bring you innovative marketing strategies, but also to connect you with other exceptional school leaders utilizing these ideas to market their districts. Our marketing expertise, combined with original research and in-depth interviews, will give you the tools you need to drive real results and transform your school community for the better.

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We’re best known for our quarterly superintendent magazine, SchoolCEO (see all back issues here). It features original research and journalism devoted to exploring high-level ideas in school leadership and marketing. If you’re a superintendent or communications director, you can subscribe to receive a free edition of the quarterly print magazine here.

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Our school marketing conferences bring some of the best keynote speakers to present on generational influence, school culture, employee recruitment and retention, and more. Our next conference is still in the works, but you can register your interest to get new info as soon as it’s available.


Our team includes high-caliber writers and researchers who are available to speak on topics related to school marketing, culture, and recruitment. Our talks primarily focus on marketing and branding, teacher recruitment, customer service, and school culture.

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