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SchoolCEO is a research and perspectives magazine for school superintendents, communications professionals, and other K-12 leaders. Published quarterly in print and online, it is the only magazine focused on marketing in K-12 public education. With more than 20,000 readers, SchoolCEO is leading the conversation on communications, recruitment, and branding in public education.


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Vol. 6 No. 4
Summer 2024
Experiential Marketing: Moments That Make People Fall in Love With Your Schools

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SchoolCEO was launched in 2018 by Apptegy, an education technology company based in Little Rock, Arkansas. As a burgeoning startup, the company didn’t want to just sell school apps and websites. They wanted to become a true thought leader in the world of school communications and marketing, providing value to clients and non-clients alike. 

The result was an independent quarterly magazine full of high-quality journalism and research, all devoted to exploring high-level ideas in school leadership and marketing. The best part? It’s completely free for K-12 school leaders and school communication directors.

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Being a school leader is one of the hardest jobs in the world, and in the last 25 years, it’s only gotten harder. Charter schools, cyber schools, voucher programs, and a whole host of school choice programs are pulling students from their zoned districts—and taking their funding with them. In competing with these programs, superintendents now face the challenge of not just running their districts, but also marketing them.

As a team of marketers, researchers, and former educators, we know leading a school district is very different from leading a private sector company. That’s why it’s our hope not only to bring you innovative marketing strategies, but also to connect you with other exceptional school leaders utilizing these ideas to market their districts. Our marketing expertise, combined with original research and in-depth interviews, will give you the tools you need to drive real results and transform your school community for the better.

Over the last six years, the SchoolCEO brand has expanded beyond our print publication. To keep in touch with our audience between issues, we send out our biweekly email newsletter, SchoolCEO Spark. On our podcast, SchoolCEO Conversations, you can hear how other superintendents and private sector experts are thinking about education, influence and brand. We also host quarterly book clubs for communications professionals. This is a space for us to read and discuss books that range on topics like marketing, leadership, and culture. 

You can experience all the best of what SchoolCEO has to offer in person at our annual conference, being held this year in our home base of Little Rock, Arkansas. 

Superintendents must now lead their districts as they compete—for staff, for students, and for the attention of their communities. That’s why we created SchoolCEO: the first marketing magazine for school leaders.

To send us ideas, set up a call with one of our writers, or learn more, reach out any time at editor@schoolceo.com

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