About SchoolCEO

SchoolCEO is an online and print magazine dedicated to helping school leaders take control of how their communities think and feel about their districts.

Our original research, case studies, superintendent interviews, and marketing guides are all tools to equip you to become a better leader in a time of rapid change in public education.

SchoolCEO is the media wing of Apptegy. Based in Little Rock, Arkansas, Apptegy is a rapidly growing education technology company that provides practical and easy-to-use marketing and communication tools for schools.

Why School Marketing?

The United States is currently at the receiving end of 25 years of school choice policies. Charter schools, cyber schools, voucher programs, and a whole host of school choice programs are pulling students from their zoned districts. When a traditional district loses students to these programs, their funding goes with them, straining traditional public schools’ budgets and personnel.

In competing with these programs, superintendents now face the challenge of not only running their districts but also marketing their schools. Because private and charter schools often have entire marketing teams dedicated to building their brand identities, public schools are even more at a disadvantage.

We designed SchoolCEO to be a resource that levels the playing field for public schools by empowering school leaders to think differently about marketing and to share ideas with one another.

Our Research & Writing Process

Being a school leader is already one of the hardest jobs in the world. Now you have to market your district, too. While we will never have the expertise of seasoned school administrators, we do come equipped with proven marketing strategies and lessons we’ve honed for years in the private sector.

We know leading in schools is very different from leading in the private sector. That’s why our hope is not only to bring you these marketing strategies but also to connect you with other exceptional school leaders currently utilizing these ideas to market their districts.

How do we do that? Whether it’s through a 15-minute phone call or a Zoom chat, we’re in constant communication with school leaders. The purpose of these chats is to facilitate discussion, ask questions, record, and—most importantly—listen.

Our marketing expertise, combined with original research and in-depth interviews, will give you the tools you need to drive real results and transform your school community for the better.

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