Dr. Allyn Roche: Morale From the Top Down

Dr. Allyn Roche shares how he is building morale and focusing on employee SEL at Upper Perkiomen School District.

By SchoolCEO Last Updated: June 15, 2021


Dr. Allyn Roche shares how he is building morale and focusing on employee SEL at Pennsylvania's Upper Perkiomen School District.


Dr. Allyn Roche began his career in education as a college cheerleading coach—a position that would help him develop a lifelong appreciation for the impact that empathy and kindness can have on students.

Now two years into his superintendency at Upper Perkiomen School District, Roche prides himself on the strong sense of community that all stakeholders—students, educators, and families—have within his district, even after a year that kept most people out of physical school buildings. To keep this sense of community going, Roche isn’t afraid to think creatively. He’s facilitated online scavenger hunts and builds regular opportunities for inter-school collaboration for administrators. Most importantly though, Roche has made space to prioritize the relationship building that he believes is essential to keeping his district a positive place to work and learn.

In this episode, Roche explores how his emphasis on employee morale translates to stronger connections for his community.

Dr. Allyn Roche and Upper Perkiomen School District (@UPSDTribe)

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