Lisa Elliott: Professional Learning With Voice and Choice

Lisa Elliott shares how she has reshaped professional learning using adult learning theory.

By SchoolCEO Last Updated: August 10, 2021


Lisa Elliott shares how she's reshaped professional learning using adult learning theory in Wisconsin's School District of Greenfield.


Lisa Elliot has deep roots in her school district—she’s spent over 29 years as a teacher, principal, and now superintendent in Greenfield School District. Nestled in the suburbs of Milwaukee, Greenfield ISD includes a student body that speaks over 40 different languages within just six schools.

To make sure her district is the ideal place to meet the needs of both its students and its teachers, Elliot has reworked the very fabric of her district using the Understanding by Design framework. This has meant rethinking professional learning and intentionally choosing language that is both meaningful and empowering.

In this episode, Elliot shares how her district is backward planning to be a district where teachers and students thrive as leaders and learners.

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