Discussion Guide: Boosting Your School Marketing with Storytelling

In almost any conversation about school communications, you’ll hear one word come up again and again: storytelling. Your district communications should
tell a story about all the good things happening in your schools.

Storytelling is more than a buzzword—it has long been demonstrated what a powerful effect stories can have on people. And while storytelling may seem simple enough, building a strong narrative that can sustain and support your district over the long term requires a careful, thoughtful strategy.

Podcast Pairings

Episodes of SchoolCEO Conversations that "pair" nicely with our discussion guides. These offer another medium for you and your teams to discuss or continue thinking about the topics most important to your district.

Collective Authorship

Karen Eber: How Storytelling can Shape School Culture

Neal Foard: Storytelling from the Heart

Changing the Narrative