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Corey Whaley

Corey is a writer and researcher at SchoolCEO. He is a former public school teacher and award-winning YA author. He’s interested in the personal side of education and the psychology of leadership.

Building Hype

Your facilities are funded by taxpayer dollars. Here's how to show your community where their money's going.

Smarter Not Harder

Teacher and Digital Content Coordinator Randy Dorsey is using homegrown marketing to share the success story of Ohio's Grant Career Center.

No Exceptions

Always leading with hope first, Arizona's Dr. Lupita Hightower is fostering a community of future-forward learners.

Rookies of the Year

Meet four newcomers to the superintendency with innovative plans and bright hopes for the future.

King's Gambit

South Carolina's Dr. Baron R. Davis is innovating through the unpredictable and bringing teachers of color to the classroom.