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Highlights from three years of SchoolCEO

As always, thank you for reading SchoolCEO. Here at the end of Volume 3, we’re taking a walk down memory lane, revisiting the articles our readers have found most useful.

Whether you’re a new reader or a longtime subscriber, we’re glad you’re on this journey with us. We look forward to many more years of hearing your stories, celebrating your successes, and sharing your most effective strategies.

What Do Millennial Teachers Want?

According to Pew Research, more than one-third of adults working today are millennials. They make up the largest segment of the U.S. labor force. In 2019, we conducted a survey of more than 1,000 millennial teachers across the country to answer two questions: What are educators of this generation looking for in a job, and how do they make decisions about where to work?

The Advocacy Marketing Manifesto

We’ve often given you tips on how to market your schools—but the truth is that your community members will trust the opinions of their friends and family far more than anything coming out of your district office. That’s why you need to grow advocates: people who organically spread positive stories about your schools. It just takes building intentional, personal moments that show people you care.


All successful marketing has one simple factor in common: It tells a story. In your district, you should be looking for stories that reinforce your brand, grab your community’s attention, and move people to action. Here, you’ll learn to build an overarching narrative for your district, then find and share smaller stories that reflect your values.

Owning Your Digital Spaces

Each time your community members interact with your district, their experience contributes to their feelings about your schools. But in the digital age, most of those touchpoints take place online—not in your school buildings. To protect your brand, you need to take control of your district’s digital platforms, ensuring a good user experience for everyone.

Tie It All Together

Especially since the onset of COVID-19, your district’s reach is more widespread than ever. But most districts have trouble building a consistent brand across all their platforms, from websites to social media channels to learning management systems. These tips will help you create a seamless, unified identity—and win the trust of your community.

The Five Stages of Bond Success

Like most monumental tasks, the intimidating process of a referendum proposal can be broken down into smaller, more manageable steps. We’ll walk you through the five stages of a bond, from start to finish, each with a different purpose and goal. These build on one another to produce a successful overall campaign.